Cotton Shower Curtain – White or Natural, Bath, Tub + Stall Sizes – Made in USA

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Wanted to love it

I love the idea of this cotton shower curtain, but after having it for almost a year it's not been my favorite purchase. I originally used the shower curtain in my guest bathroom, so it was not being used frequently. I now use that shower on a daily basis and the curtain has become riddled with mold. I do follow the care instructions presented on the listing, but it hasn't helped unfortunately. Another downside is that the curtain shrank after the first wash so it now is much shorter than it was when I received it, even washing in cold water (another reviewer mentioned this). I'm very sad to write a bad review because I love the idea of a non-toxic curtain and that its made in the USA! I would say get it if you don't use it every day, that way it will have less chance of becoming moldy. Really well made and a wonderful concept.

Michael Richardson
Well made with quality material

Living the Change - a perfect alternative to the throw-away plastic curtain.

Robert Blanchette
Very slick

A great sturdy, well made shower curtain. The color is nice for the bathroom.
Worth the price and made in USA. Go American workers!

Mary Bilecki
Wish it lasted longer

Bought our curtain just over a year ago - really enjoyed it even with the upkeep to manage mold (monthly soaking) however the fabric surrounding a majority of the grommets have started to tear and repairing doesn't seem accessible - buying and installing new grommets for each hook. I guess we'll just have to plan on replacing our shower curtain every year?

Kurt Eichholtz
Nice shower curtain

This is a very nice shower curtain. It hangs well good length. Looked great dries fast