Hemp Shower Curtain – Bath, Tub + Stall Sizes – Made in USA

Rust-Proof Shower Rings (+ $7)

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Nice quality made in USA shower curtain

I was looking for a made in USA shower curtain, and this curtain has a nice linen-type look. Good find!

Pamela Pittenger
Long run

So far, fantastic. I'm waiting to see how it holds up (mold, mildew-wise) over time and how easily it is cleaned.

Van Perkins
Hemp Shower Curtain

Fits great, works great looks great n is great !

Elio Farias
Hemp Shower Curtain

Great quality and light fabric without taking too much space.Organic look.

Yvette Brodeur
HempShowerCurtain-Great Product

I love this Hemp Shower Curtain and found it works great.
So much better that smelly plastic shower curtains
1. Fabric has very good thickness/tight woven
Found it to stop the splashing of water through.
It’s holding up good. I had it for over a year.
Bought 2 so I can throw one in the wash and have the second ready to put on.

2. Drys well.
I keep it on inside of tub and dries up nicely in time for next shower morning/night

3. No toxic plastic smell. Main reason I bought this.
I found this fabric had no smell over the 2 years I’ve had it.

4. Good LONG length/width which I liked as it enabled me to customize my hem length .
This was a real plus.

I hemmed it just right so I could allow for it to sit above water line and dry properly
but long enough to allow for shrinkage.

I will definitely buy more for gifts as well as I think this product is so great.
Cant get this type of selection/quality at my local home retail stores.