Hemp Shower Curtain – Bath, Tub + Stall Sizes – Made in USA

Rust-Proof Shower Rings (+ $7)

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Van Perkins
Hemp Shower Curtain

Fits great, works great looks great n is great !

Elio Farias
Hemp Shower Curtain

Great quality and light fabric without taking too much space.Organic look.

Yvette Brodeur
HempShowerCurtain-Great Product

I love this Hemp Shower Curtain and found it works great.
So much better that smelly plastic shower curtains
1. Fabric has very good thickness/tight woven
Found it to stop the splashing of water through.
It’s holding up good. I had it for over a year.
Bought 2 so I can throw one in the wash and have the second ready to put on.

2. Drys well.
I keep it on inside of tub and dries up nicely in time for next shower morning/night

3. No toxic plastic smell. Main reason I bought this.
I found this fabric had no smell over the 2 years I’ve had it.

4. Good LONG length/width which I liked as it enabled me to customize my hem length .
This was a real plus.

I hemmed it just right so I could allow for it to sit above water line and dry properly
but long enough to allow for shrinkage.

I will definitely buy more for gifts as well as I think this product is so great.
Cant get this type of selection/quality at my local home retail stores.

Unexpected style of rings

The curtain itself is fine. The shower curtain rings I received were not the ones shown in the pictures. I received the ones shown with the linen curtain, not the ones shown with the hemp curtain. I would not have purchased them, had I known. The rings were only $7 but I still feel misled.

Frank Bevin
Wonderful product

This curtain is sturdy, washes easily and looks great. I've seen several reviews mentioning it doesn't dry and drips on the floor. First, this needs to be INSIDE the tub wall. Why would anyone let it drip on the floor? Second, it does dry and quite well. It does take time and if your bathroom has no venting, you probably have a mold issue anyway. DOn't blame this great product.