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Kapok Sleep Pillows with 100% Organic Cotton Fabric


  • 100% Organic Cotton Exterior Fabric stuffed with 100% Kapok Fiber.
  • Our Natural Organic Kapok Fiber filled pillow is soft like down yet firm enough to not bottom out - providing great head and neck support and unparalleled comfort.
  • Kapok is an exceptionally silky lightweight down-like fluffy fiber from the seed pods of the Great Kapok trees of tropical rainforests - Responsibly harvested for a sustainable supply.  Vegan. Bird free. Chemical Free.
  • Protect your health, home and planet with our non-toxic petroleum free, cruelty free natural kapok fiber filled sleep and cervical neck roll pillows.
  • Bean Products Sleep Pillows are available in several choices of sizes and fills - Cotton and Organic Cotton Fabric are used to make organic Buckwheat, Millet, Latex and MultiGrain filled pillows.