Organic Latex Foam Fill (Shredded)


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Easy to work, clean and comfy

Arrived in tightly compacted package; it expands as you remove it, so no need for another container. With the 20# bag I made 22 small pillows (11 12x10 and 11 14x10) and several standard bed pillows; clean, was easier and faster than expected, and the pillows are very comfy. No smell. Fun to work with. I did mine indoors and had minimal clean-up.

Tong Jett
Just as the other reviews

The bag was well-packaged. It came inside a box. It was very messy to fill pillows with the shredded latex. I did everything outside. I ordered a 20-lb bag and was able to fill one 24x24 pillow, three 20x20 pillows, and one small pillow. I made my own pillow inserts with cotton and bought pillow protectors to go over them because of all the latex dust. Just my preference…I don’t want to breathe in the latex dust that might leak out of the pillows. Then I ordered pretty pillow covers to go over them again. They are still nice and soft. Lots of work, but now I have non-toxic couch pillows!

Very messy but happy they are non-toxic

We bought these to fill a bean bag for our daughter. Really happy they are non-toxic but they are very messy, we won’t be able to take them out and put back in to wash the cover as we had hoped, they are so rubbery and get static-y so once they’re in, you don’t want to remove them.

Double shredded????

Numerous fist-sized chunks of unshredded latex in the batch I received and not how the product was described. I could have gotten the same un-uniformly shredded latex elsewhere for less money. That being said, the product was clean and mostly worked for my project.

Paula Hamp

Organic Latex Foam Fill (Shredded)