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Frequently Asked Questions

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Bean Bag Furniture

Comfy Bean Furniture resembles your typical, sack-shaped bean bag chair. Big Beans are a unique design that looks, well, like a bean! Big Beans are designed to have more back support, and have a unique and ergonomic shape. 

We recommend Kid-Size Bean Bag Chairs for children up to age 8

Superfill is Bean Products' specially designed blend of 80% Recycled Polystyrene Beads and 20% CertiPUR Shredded Foam. Eco-Superfill follows the same ratio, however, we substitute CertiPUR foam with our Organic Shredded Latex, which is 100% natural!

Latex is heavy. Like, really, heavy. Unfortunately, due to the exorbitant cost of shipping, and the fact that a 100% Latex-filled Adult Bean Bag Chair weighs close to 100 lbs, we decided it was best not to offer that. You can, however, purchase a Kid's Chair with 100% Latex!


The vast majority of our catalogue is made here in Chicago, Illinois. The few products we import from our partners overseas are yoga mats, cork and foam yoga blocks, soft weighted balls, and face masks.

We try to promote organic materials as much as possible. That said, organic farming practices and supply chains are a lot pricier than their conventional counterparts, so we like to offer customers both! We always specify whether the product you buy is 100% organic or conventional. 


Buckwheat is a coarse grain that is very grippy. You can use buckwheat pillows to form a shape that will hold its place. Millet hulls are softer and slipperier, and will not hold their shape as well as buckwheat, but has the added benefit of increased comfortability. 

We recommend 4 x 12 neck rolls for very petite individuals. If you're of an average to large size, we recommend going with a 5 x 14 or 6 x 16. 


We do not offer free returns or exchanges. Returned products need to be in new and unused condition still in their original packaging (within 14 days of receipt). We do not accept partial returns on products sold as a set. If these terms are not followed we reserve the right to decline your return or asses a 10% re-stocking fee. 

Shower Curtains

As a general rule of thumb, you should wash our natural shower curtains about as frequently as you wash your bath towels. About once per week/two weeks. Wash cold and hang dry. It is also imperative that you let your shower curtain dry completely between uses. You can do so by fully extending the curtain on the outside of the bathtub, and ensuring the room has proper airflow (a fan is never a bad idea).

Our shower curtains are designed to be used without the need of a liner. As long as the care instructions are followed, and the shower curtain is fully dried between uses, mold growth will not be an issue. 

Yes! Please email for custom order inquiries.

Yoga & Meditation

Zafu's are round, buckwheat-filled cushions designed to create a healthy spinal position while seated cross-legged. 

Zabutons are flat, cotton-filled rectangle cushions that provide padding for your feet / ankles. 

Together, a Zafu and Zabuton set allows the user to maintain a healthy and comfortable meditation posture.