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Organic Cotton Shower Curtain – Bath, Tub + Stall Sizes – Made in USA

Rust-Proof Shower Rings ( + $7)

  • Organic Cotton Shower Curtains are better for you, your home and our Environment. GOTS certified Organic Cotton fabric in Natural Unbleached, White - (bleached in eco - friendly hydrogen peroxide), and Grey colors.  All are expertly sewn and sized for Standard Tub size 70 x 74 inches, Large Stall size 54 x74 inches, and Small Stall size 36 x 74 inches.  Using these organic cotton shower curtains requires no toxic PVC liner - Eco Friendly - Made in USA by Bean Products
  • Choosing our 5.5 oz Organic Cotton canvas shower curtain shows your commitment to a healthier home and planet.  All our shower curtains are made with high quality rustproof nickel plated brass grommets.
  • Built to last. Our curtains don't billow in towards the shower spray like lightweight plastic liners. Our shower curtains will get wet, but will not leak through and they rapidly air dry - helping to prevent mold growth associated with plastic liners. The organic cotton canvas dries quickly - its translucency allows light to brightly filter through.
  • Note: please fully extend the curtain after use to aid in drying. Natural fabric shower curtains need to be washed just like your towels. Any curtain fabric or surface can mildew and ours are NOT guaranteed against mildew. Colorfast Bleach or other mildew stain treatments can be used if needed.  Dry thoroughly.
  • Optional Rustproof shower easy roll rings are designed with special flat rollers for easier movement. The large hoops will accommodate multiple curtains. The Organic Cotton Shower curtain and ring combo are a great value! Proudly Made in Chicago USA by Bean Products - Our 32nd Year of making quality natural products.

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Customer Reviews

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great plastic free option

Love it but I need to pull out my sewing machine to hem it because it's too long and sits in the bottom of my tub.


I have always been on the lookout for a shower curtain that is non-toxic, made here in the USA and not in China. I like that it is gentle on people and gentle on the environment and is organic. The price is also not bad. It's not cheap since you can buy shower curtains for under $20, but you get what you pay for. Considering the quality and the fact that it does not require a plastic liner, makes cleaning easier, but also healthier for your home and environment. Ultimately it's so worth it.

fantastic shower curtain!

I bought this shower curtain in lieu of a plastic liner, and it has been working perfectly. It dries super quick after I shower! I've only been using it a couple weeks, but I don't see any signs of mildew or mold (which was a concern I had before buying). It's also going to be really easy to clean when I eventually need to.

Molly McWitz
Great Sustainable Shower Curtain

I love my organic cotton shower curtain! It looks beautiful in my bathroom. It is easy to dry. I recommend opening it up and having it air dry on the outside of the tub. And it is easy to wash in the washing machine and then rehang to air dry. Definently recommended this product for local sustainability!

Absolutely worth it

Was sort of a holding point to get a more expensive shower curtain but this thing is worth every penny. I dries quick and not having the plastic liner rubbing against me in the shower makes it instantly worth it. Definitely never buying another plastic liner for the rest of my life. Very nice fabric and the fact that it's Made In USA/Organic was a big selling point for me.

Will upgrade my other showers as well now to these.