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Bamboo Meditation Bench


Meditating with our ergonomic, Earth-friendly Bamboo Meditation Bench provides a very comfortable alternative for those who have difficulty in cross-legged sitting meditation.

Bean Products Meditation Bench allows you to switch back and forth between sitting and kneeling, giving additional comfort during longer meditation sessions.

Our Original Bamboo Meditation Bench reduces stress on your joints and back while providing effortless spine alignment.

The special curved bottom surface of the legs allows the meditator to instinctively adjust spine and pelvis alignment.

Bean Product's Meditation Bench allows for a customized personal alignment, compared to a typical fixed and/or flat bottom bench. Our tight hinged bench legs fold up for portability and storage.

Designed in the U.S. and made in China with high quality, beautiful and sustainable fast growing bamboo wood, protected with a durable eco-friendly natural oil finish.

Our Bench is 19.5" wide by 7.5" deep and 7" high.

Enhance your meditation practice with a combination set of our Bamboo Bench and Zabuton Meditation Cushion.

Our Handcrafted Meditation Cushion provides a comfortable foundation to kneel on; keeping your knees and feet protected from a hard and cold floor. 

Pair with our Meditation Bench Cushion.

Handcrafted at Bean Products, Inc. Chicago, IL USA.

Key Features
  • Our Premium Quality Sturdy Bamboo Bench is over-built using extra tight hinges so bench legs will fold in and stay put for ease of portability, storage and travel. Bean Products Revolutionary, Original, Convenient and Elegant design will help your meditation.
  • Made from beautiful and environmentally sustainable fast growing bamboo. Our Eco-friendly finish gives you a long lasting beauty. Our extra large rust proof hinges insures long dependability.
  • Available in Foldable or Magnetic design
  • Specially Designed Splayed legs enhance lateral stability. Our Uniquely Designed slightly curved feet allow for natural Adjustability - Allowing Perfect Pelvis and Spine Alignment of your body.
  • 19.5" wide by 7.5" deep and 7" high - Our Bench's Generous Seat Size gives more comfort then the average bench. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Audra Baker

It’s not what I needed. I need a meditation bench that’s taller than the one I purchased…but I can’t seem to find one anywhere. :-(

Rudy Overbaugh
Meditation bench.

It works just like it's supposed to. I very happy with it

Solid and adaptable

Love this little stool. Strong hinges and the rounded foot shape make adjusting my pelvis, hips and knees really effortless. Also works great as a lap writing or typing surface since it fits over my legs when I’m on a couch.