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ComfyBean Adult Bean Bag Lounger - Organic Cotton

Cobalt Blue
Sweet Potato

Bean Products Comfy Bean Loungers are classically designed, adult-sized bean bag chairs. Constructed with the highest quality textiles available, and filled with our signature blend of recycled polystyrene beads and shredded foam that we call "Superfill"; the Comfy Bean truly earns its name. For a further naturalistic product, select "Eco Superfill" which includes natural latex foam. 

Choose Organic Cotton as a safer, eco-friendly alternative to normal cotton. Organic cotton is free of pesticides and chemical dyes that leech into the soil and groundwater, and can cause skin rashes and irritation. 

Product Dimensions: 36" deep X 36" wide X 40" high

*WARNING* If you choose our 100% Natural Latex Fill option, your Comfy Bean Lounger will weigh about 70-80 lbs. Latex is a heavy material, and is also grippier than normal foam. This means that your bean bag chair will squish down and lose shape after each use. Simply re-fluff by rolling it over on the floor a few times. For this reason, all 100% Natural Latex Fill bean bag chairs are final sale.  

Optional Embroidery is available in these fonts:




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