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Organic Cotton Shower Curtain – Bath, Tub + Stall Sizes – Made in USA

Rust-Proof Shower Rings ( + $5)

  • Organic Cotton Shower Curtains are better for you, your home and our Environment. GOTS certified Organic Cotton fabric in Natural Unbleached, White - (bleached in eco - friendly hydrogen peroxide), and Grey colors.  All are expertly sewn and sized for Standard Tub size 70 x 74 inches, Large Stall size 54 x74 inches, and Small Stall size 36 x 74 inches.  The 74 inch length allows for any shrinkage left in the preshrunk organic cotton fabric and the curtain is easily hemmed shorter but it is possible to intentionally shrink the curtains in hot water and high dryer heat which can shorten somewhat.  Using these organic cotton shower curtains requires no toxic PVC liner - Eco Friendly - Made in USA by Bean Products
  • Choosing our 5.5 oz Organic Cotton canvas shower curtain shows your commitment to a healthier home and planet.  All our shower curtains are made with high quality rustproof nickel plated brass grommets that are strong and easy loop shower curtain rings through. Made without inhalable toxic phthalates found in most plastic curtains.
  • Built to last. Our curtains don't billow in towards the shower spray like lightweight plastic liners. Our shower curtains will get wet, but will not leak through and they rapidly air dry - helping to prevent mold growth associated with plastic liners. We have special extra wide seamless organic cotton fabrics so your curtain does not have any unsightly seams. The organic cotton canvas dries quickly - its translucency allows light to brightly filter through.
  • Note: please fully extend the curtain after use to aid in drying. Natural fabric shower curtains need to be washed just like your towels. Any curtain fabric or surface can mildew and ours are NOT guaranteed against mildew. Heavy use or poor ventilation of the curtain will increase the required washing frequency. Colorfast Bleach or other mildew stain treatments can be used if needed.  Dry thoroughly.
  • Optional Rustproof shower easy roll rings are designed with special flat rollers for easier movement. The large hoops will accommodate multiple curtains. Special designed flat roller bearings are guaranteed to roll easily on any curtain rod. The Organic Cotton Shower curtain and ring combo are a great value! Proudly Made in Chicago USA by Bean Products - Our 32nd Year of making quality natural products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I absolutely love the organic shower curtain! It dries out quickly and it doesn’t smell like plastic and it’s good for our bodies and our planet!


glad to have it

Very well made

This curtain seems far more durable than most sold in stores. Much easier to clean that the plastic ones too.

Great fabric shower liner

We bought the 36 inch wide curtain for our shower stall and it works well. It’s not too heavy and is easy to wash.

Too early to tell

We have only just received the shower curtain and have been using it for a few days now. It does take a long time to dry, but so far no mildew issues. I was using an existing cotton shower curtain I had for a long time and was hopeful this one would dry quicker since it is lighter weight, but not so. I will update my review after we have used it long enough to give some proper feedback.