As a company that prides itself in producing quality, environmentally friendly pillows and yoga products, it was only natural that we fell into the meditation sphere as well. Meditation is a phenomenal practice that aids in a vast array of mental and physical properties. Stress management, energy, focus, emotional control, and an overall sense of increased awareness/mindfulness are just a few of the potential benefits of meditation. The best part? Anyone can do it. The tricky part? Sometimes its uncomfortable to sit or kneel long enough to reach a meditative state.

We got you covered.

Our zafu and zabuton mediation cushions are crafted with care and designed to be universally fitting. Our bamboo meditation benches are a great accessory for anyone who prefers to meditate on their knees. 

We have multiple different sizes and fabric options for all of our meditation pillows, but we encourage those who are able to purchase organic cotton or hemp products to do so. These textiles are gentler on our planet, and we believe that mindfulness comes with the responsibility of being mindful of the longevity of our home.

Namaste :)

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