Organizations We Love

For years, Bean Products has been cultivating a network of like-minded organizations and causes that we believe in - companies who's focus is not solely profit driven, but on building a better world for future generations. 

Here's a list of some organizations that we support.


The Hemp Foundation

Hemp is a staple textile at our factory in Chicago, IL, and we choose to source ours responsibly. Hemp, although naturally kinder to the environment, still lacks regulation and profit-driven corporations often grow with pesticides, plastics, and other contaminants. 

The Hemp Foundation focuses on building a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future for the Indian Himalayan Region, through promoting industrial hemp cultivation and use.

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Hemp Traders

Hemp Traders is one of the very first companies to bring industrial hemp to the USA. What started as a small hemp fabric company in 1993, has now grown into one of the largest hemp fiber suppliers in the U.S. Hemp Traders now supplies hemp fabric, twine, rope, webbing, and boards.