Sustainability is the foundation of our business philosophy. Petroleum products, microplastics, and nasty chemicals perforate our lives constantly. We believe consumers are ready to surround themselves with environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, starting with what they put in their home. 

That's why we do our best to mitigate our manufacturing waste by recycling new, pre-consumer furniture scraps (CertiPUR-US Certified) and turning them into shredded foam, which is then used to stuff our Bean Bag Chairs. Additionally, our Poly Beads, a key ingredient to our ridiculously comfy Bean Bag Chairs, are made out of 100% recycled polystyrene (Yes - Polystyrene is a plastic. We don't love it, but this option keeps it out of the landfill).


     Re-purposed Shredded Foam                Recycled Poly Beads


Also, we've been on the hemp train long before it was mainstream. Back in the late 80's/early 90's, hemp was mostly thought of to be the plant that produces the psychoactive compound THC. Unbeknownst to many, there are actually thousands of different uses of the plant besides smoking it.

Nowadays, of course, people are using hemp and it's medicinal properties in a multitude of ways, and hemp fabric, clothing, and furniture are significantly easier to come across. Hemp is still a staple textile at our factory in Chicago, due to it's naturally anti-microbial, resilient, and sustainable qualities. We source our Hemp from various countries throughout the world, including the USA. 

Bean Products Handmade Hemp Shower Curtain


We're also very passionate about using organic textiles, specifically cotton. Conventional cotton plants are dosed with more pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms than any other plant in the world. Although most are eliminated by the time you put on that new T-shirt, some people with chemical sensitivities may still have a reaction. 

Choosing organic cotton protects eco-systems and farmers by eliminating the use of said chemicals, while using far less water and aiding in the building of biologically sustainable agriculture. 


Our Partners

We work with multiple like-minded organizations to boost our efforts of promoting ecologically sustainable practices. 

The Hemp Foundation is a non-profit organization working on Himalayan hemp research, conservation of indigenous cultivars, and promotion of hemp farming in Uttarakhand to help the farmers market their products.
Our Mission is to help the struggling families of Indian Himalayan region of Uttarakhand to return to farming to break the vicious cycle of poverty as they have abandoned farming due to lack of infrastructure, finances, market linkage, knowledge or threat of animals. We want the best of the best lives for them and the most prosperous future for their children. 

Eco Cart is an optionally add-on during checkout that gives customers the option to make their order carbon neutral. Every step of fulfilling orders produces some amount of CO2 emission. Eco Cart calculates the amount of CO2 produced through each orders, and offsets that emission by funding renewable energy, forestry, or clean water projects.

Trees for the Future plants a tree for every item we make. Through their 4-year training program, called the Forest Garden Approach, farmers plant thousands of trees that restore their soil. This helps farmers grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables to eat and sell. So not only does each Forest Garden capture carbon and increase biodiversity, but it also ends hunger and poverty. Together, we’re growing a more sustainable system to feed the world, build local economies, and better our planet.


We hope that our dedication to sourcing ecologically friendly and sustainable materials inspires our competitors and our customers to do the same, and in doing so move us all towards taking better care of our planet, and of ourselves.