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10 lb Yoga Sandbag


Bean Products uniquely designed, hand crafted, ten pound, dual handled yoga sandbag is a very useful yoga prop that will help you deepen your postures by adding weight to increase tension for stretching or counterbalancing. Use it on your thighs, ankles, shoulders, abdomen (improve lung capacity during pranayama breathing), under your hip or with the special double sturdy handles our yoga sandbag can be employed as a weight for deep stretching or resistance exercise and body toning. 
The weight of our sandbag provides stimulation to deep pressure touch receptors which can have benefits similar to a firm hug which helps the body relax like a swaddling. Weighted props are used to treat autism, ADHD, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, insomnia and to reduce anxiety. Serotonin can be released to induce peace and calmness with the use of weight on our body. 
Our 10 pound ( FILLED ) yoga sandbags can be used with Bean Yoga, Gaiam, Hugger Mugger, Manduka mats, blocks and bolsters for Hatha, Iyengar, Flow, Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and other yoga forms as well as Pilates, P90X bodyweight functional exercise programs. Very useful for photography lighting prop and counterbalance weight, tents and mobile accessory hold downs.
High quality nylon pack cloth is easy to clean and has TWO CONVENIENT HANDLES for versatility.
Hand made in Chicago, USA by Bean Products TM.
  • 10 LB weight Dust Free sand bag FILLED & ready to use, 2 handles, easy clean nylon -  BLACK, BLUE, PURPLE, and RED
  • A sandbag on each thigh in bound angle pose helps the hips open, so consider a pair
  • Stretch your hamstrings with this under your feet, add weight to yoga poses
  • Passive weight improves all deep stretches for yoga, pilates, fitness, photography etc.
  • Provides a lift in seated poses as a yoga prop. Made in USA by Bean Products TM