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Original OMphibian Yoga Mat - The Best Non-Slip Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Base Yoga Mat

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Size and Quantity

Bean Products OMphibian mats are made with a wet or dry grip PU Surface with a natural Rubber core. With double sided non-slip surfaces, OMphibian yoga mats provide an unsurpassed slip resistance (like the suction cup fingers of a tree frog). Maintaining position during practice improves your yoga and prevents injuries.

The extra dense 1/4 inch cushion protects your knees and elbows while you practice. A larger size allows for a more comfortable practice - comfort means less stress and a more valuable experience whether in a class or on your own. The extra thick, long and wide OMphibian has specially designed alignment lines to perfect your positioning. These lines are not painted with chemical ink, but permanently etched into the surface with a high tech precision laser.

The lighter weight OMphibian Portable mat is a beautiful plain clean blue color without the laser alignment lines yet still has the same large spacious real-estate of 26 x 72 inches, it is thinner and lighter to carry.

OMphibian mats are eco-friendly and responsibly made with natural and non toxic materials.Clean your OMphibian with water and a towel - avoid any organic or chemical soaps or cleaners. Keep out of direct sunlight, protect it with a mat bag. 

Protect your OMphibian mat with our Large or Extra Large Yoga Mat Bags made with cotton or hemp.

Customer Reviews

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Vania Ashminov
The best yoga mat I’ve ever used

I was always having trouble doing the balance poses with my old styrofoam yoga mat. This is no longer the case. I love the non-slippery feature as well as the use of natural, biodegradable materials.

Nice size

I like the size and grip of this mat. I hope the rubber smell dissipates over time.

Mark Hansen
g-OH-ld Standard

Superb, thick, grippy, really fantastic