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Cotton Floor Mat

Fabric & Batting

Need something like a futon? Functional, convenient, portable and natural.

Enjoy a comfortable and supportive resting surface for you or your guests with our extra thick natural cotton floor mat.  Great for reclined meditation.

Filled with 100% natural cotton batting with an unbleached cotton shell. Use a twin size fitted sheet to cover. It has carrying straps and ties for easy roll up.

Cleaning - Our cotton floor mat cannot be washed in a machine, nor dry cleaned. For this reason, we highly recommend protecting your floor mat with a twin size bed sheet. It can be spot cleaned with a wet rag or sponge, then left to air dry. 

Natural and Biodegradable.

80" x 40" x 3"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great as a Japanese futon (shikibuton)

I've purchased several of these in the past year, and they have been great for use as a Japanese futon (shikibuton) on top of a tatami mat platform bed. I have not found a better price and quality elsewhere for a cotton futon/mat. The length is shorter than the stated 80" when you get it, but it does stretch out and lengthen to about 79" after several months of sleeping on it every night. It flattens down to around 2" or 2.5" after regular use, but that's true of most cotton mats. You can stack them on top of each other for a thicker futon, and that works great too.

Donald Seltin
Floor mat...

Really like the floor mat, was thinking about getting a second one to double up, am using it as a floor bed mattress, and to take on trips. Multigrain pillows are fantastic, might get one or two more, family loves them. Beam bag chairs are cool, like the color of the vinyl one I got too. Thanks!

Good nights

Finally sleeping without aching. Great for my spine. I feel I am sleeping well and doing good to my body

Comfortable but too short

The futon is comfortable given the thickness, but mine is only 76" long, not the 80" as mentioned in the product description.

Rise Nachman
Unique floor mat...

I like the floor mat. It is comfortable, but I am currently waiting for it to air out so that I can use it to sleep on. I have very severe allergies and can still smell the new cotton smell from the fabric. Thank you.