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Organic Kapok Fiber Fill Stuffing


  • Bean Products' Kapok Fill is great for seat cushions, pillows, toys, and crafts.
  • Kapok fiber is a natural organic pillow filling - good for the environment and your home.
  • Organic Kapok fiber is a natural organic cotton-silk like fiber naturally harvested from the tropical Kapok tree.
  • Organic and clean. Pure premium quality. Soft like goose down, yet supportive.
  • So light and fluffy it floats on water; yet supports your head and neck perfectly and naturally. Great for seat cushions, pillows, toys, and crafts.
  • Animal free, petroleum and chemical free premium pillow, zafu and cushion stuffing. 
Raising and harvesting kapok has the lowest environmental impact compared to any other fiber materials in use today, including plastic and cotton except for perhaps hemp. The trees are not cut down and do not require irrigation or any chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Not only is the kapok tree an important part of rainforest ecology, but it also plays a pivotal role in forest preservation efforts.
The emerging industry is beginning to stimulate local economies improving the lives of women and their families in rural areas (helping to stem migration to more densely populated urban areas).

Kapok plant is very important for biological survival. 

Customer Reviews

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Erika Delk

Excellent product!


I bought one pound, and it was enough for two toddler size pillow, which is a good deal. The only reason I give it four instead of five stars is because the kapok is not certified organic.

Ares Apo Ozdemir
Too Expensive for the volume

It is expensive for what I received

Elise Woods
Kapok delivery

I did not receive the kapok delivery. They usually leave packages on my front porch. It has been unusually windy here for the last couple of weeks, so it might have blown away.

Hi - Thank you for contacting us. We want to make this right. Please send an email directly to us so that we can research the issue.

Andrew Pawlan

I am a handy home owner and artist. Haven’t used this natural kapok from Bean Products yet, but it looks pure and clean. I’ve used natural kapok before.: Throw pillows and soft sculpture. It been a long time since I’ve use kapok, but this feels really good in the bag. Starting a project using it this weekend. Looking forward to it.