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The Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow


We offer sleeping bean pillow cases in a variety of different colors. View more pillow cases here


Adult Size
5.5 ft long x 10 inch diameter

Teen Size
4.5 ft long x 9 inch diameter

All sizes are available in 4 fills:

  • Hypo-Allergenic - Polyfill fiber, all cotton shell.
  • Staph-Check - fluid-proof, medical grade - Polyfill fiber, microvent soft vinyl ticking is fluid proof, fire proof, anti-microbial, and easily wiped down with a moist sponge. Designed for home health care, long term care, and for people with disabilities. 
  • Veggie (Kapok) - Natural, silk-like tree seed fiber, unbleached, all cotton shell. Read more on Kapok below. 
  • Organic Veggie (Kapok) - Natural, silk-like tree seed fiber, organic cotton shell. Read more on Kapok below. 



Therapeutic Positioning Body Pillow
Discover Total Body Comfort

Imagine waking up the same position that you went to sleep in 8 hours before. There is no need for tossing and turning if you are properly supported by the Sleeping Bean. Soft and huggable, the cylindrical Bean is filled with premium recycled poly-fiber or (organic) kapok fiber, that molds to support your body. As you sleep, it effortlessly aligns your spine, reduces pain and muscle stress, and encourages healthy sleep positions.

The Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow is the first and finest body pillow made. Its extra long (5.5 ft.) cylindrical shape was designed to conform naturally to the human body to allow sleeping in the healthiest possible position - the semi-fetal curl. 

Recommended by Parenting Magazine - Jan 1997, the Sleeping Bean is a life saver for pregnant women trying to find a comfortable sleep position and can even help in the delivery room for labor positioning. And after delivery, the Sleeping Bean is a great aid to a nursing mother as she holds and feeds her baby. 

Recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists whenever proper support can be beneficial for back problems, sleep disorders, post-operative recovery, geriatric care, pregnancy and nursing, and relief of both physical and emotional stress.

Children and Teens love the smaller Teen Bean (4.5 ft.). Works in the same way as the Adult Bean while additionally providing emotional comfort which can ward off the Boogie Man and make sleep easier.

All handcrafted in the U.S.A.        


A few words about Kapok

Raising and harvesting kapok has the lowest environmental impact compared to any other fiber materials in use today, including plastic and cotton except for perhaps hemp. The trees are not cut down and do not require irrigation or any chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Not only is the kapok tree an important part of rainforest ecology, but it also plays a pivotal role in forest preservation efforts.

The emerging industry is beginning to stimulate local economies improving the lives of women and their families in rural areas (helping to stem migration to more densely populated urban areas).


Care Instructions

In order to wash the body pillow, simply take the filling out, wash the cover, and replace the filling. If it is filled with kapok, be sure to remove the filling outdoors as kapok is very light and fluffy and will cause a mess indoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Love this body pillow! Arrived very quickly. Provides good support, is soft and really allows me to sleep comfortably on my side.

Greatest body pillow ever!

Love love love my Bean Products Body Pillow. It is supportive and doesn’t make me hot. This is my second one and my first wich is many years old is still going strong. I wanted one for a spare. Love It!!!!

Emily Listmann
Very poor customer service, defective pillow case

I am really disappointed in this company and will not purchase anything from them again. The pillow case that goes over the body pillow is impossible to get on by yourself. I had to call over a friend to help me put it on. Because I planned to wash it weekly, having to call over someone to help me struggle with the pillow case every week was of course not acceptable. I wrote to customer service about this problem and asked for a full refund and return shipping to be comped as this was clearly a flaw in the product, but they refused to pay for shipping. Shipping would cost at least $50, so I would be out that amount of money because of their defective product. They tried to claim that no one else has problems with the pillow case, but you can clearly see in their reviews that multiple people besides myself have had this same problem. This was a very expensive purchase at $150 and I am stuck with it even though it is of no practical use to me. So disappointed.

Hi Emily,

We appreciate your honest feedback. Looking back on our conversation, our last correspondence offered to make you a custom cover with an extra long zipper, which we didn't receive a response to.

We'll take your feedback about the zipper length, but we tried our best on the customer service end. We care about our customers, and we want them to be happy with our products.

If you decide you do want the custom cover, please respond to our last email.


Bean Team

Changes my sleep game

I have had extreme sleep issues for about 7 years. I'm fairly young (35) but have a hard time getting comfortable with my sleeping position. Since I have had my bean body pillow, every night has been improved for me. It is great that you can move it into so many positions. I love having the comfort of something between my knees and ankles while I sleep on my side. Cover was a little tricky to get on, but I was able to finesse it on my myself and am a short person, 5'2. Very happy with the bean body pillow.

Linda Olsen
LOVE my Body Bean

Best Body pillow ever!!! I wouldn't consider any other pillow when it comes to comfort and quality.
Thank you Bean Products.
Kind Regards,
Linda Olsen