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Bean Bag Fill - non-toxic new recycled beanbag / bean bag filling


Bean Bag Fill - Bean Bead (recycled)

Bean Products, Inc. Brand Bean Bag Bead is pre-consumer recycled polystyrene beads made from recycled plastics.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, lightweight and earth friendly, we use it in our bean bag chairs and ottomans. 

  • Our Comfy Bean Chair uses about 6 cubic feet 
  • Our Comfy Bean Lounger uses about 10 cubic feet


Great for arts and crafts - make your own bean bag or ottoman, pet bed, or floor pillow and use our bean bag fill.  

Made in USA by Bean Products


Key Features

  • Recycled - environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe, no out gassing like toxic foams
  • The ONLY Eco-Friendly beanbag filling, Lightweight, durable
  • Real Bead - Not cheap regrind, all newly expanded beads but made from pre-consumer recycled raw materials
  • Can be used to recharge your flat beanbag chair or fill a pet bed or water float
  • Great for packing items for safe shipping
  • 2 cubic feet will give an old chair a needed lift, 4 cubic feet will recharge a flatten beanbag and 10 cubic feet will refill a Bean Products Comfy Bean Lounger completely
  • Made in USA


When purchasing more than 2 cubic feet, even though all bags are shipped together the bags oftentimes get separated during transit, resulting in different delivery dates.

The Post Office has been experiencing scanning and delivery delays. Current delivery takes between 1 to 4 weeks. If faster shipping is preferred, you may contact us by email regarding options.

Customer Reviews

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Misleading "environmentally friendly" claim

It's extremely misleading to claim that polystyrene is "environmentally friendly" or "earth friendly", regardless of whether or not it is made from recycled materials. When these materials must be disposed of, you are still disposing of a synthetic, petroleum-based material that cannot be recycled. The small beads can also be a danger to animals and marine life.

Also, it is also inaccurate to claim that this is "The ONLY Eco-Friendly beanbag filling" for the same reasons above, as well as the fact that many other companies use recycled polystyrene in their beanbag filling.

Bean bag fill

Not enough. Need more but very happy with the product.


kool, is there a easier way to fill with out loss?

Bean Bag Fill

Good and useful product. Thanks Bean Bag

Pricey for what you get

I was pretty disappointed about how much you get. It wasn’t even enough to fill a bean bag chair! You’d have to spend $60 to completely fill a Big Joe chair! You might as well buy a new chair. It’s cheaper!!! I was trying to recycle...