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ComfyBean Kid's Bean Bag Chair - Organic Cotton

Cobalt Blue
Sweet Potato

Bean Products Comfy Bean Chairs are classically designed, Kid-sized bean bag chairs. Constructed with the highest quality textiles available, and filled with our signature blend of recycled polystyrene beads and shredded foam that we call "Superfill"; the Comfy Bean truly earns its name. For a further naturalistic product, select "Eco Superfill" which includes natural latex foam. 

Dimensions: 30" deep X 30" wide X 34" high



Superfill: 80% Beads / 20% Foam

Eco Superfill: 80% Beads / 20% Latex


If you chose latex fill, your chair will naturally settle down from the weight of the latex foam and will require fluffing up often. Simply re-fluff by rolling it over on the floor a few times or giving it a gentle lift. Our Dunlop latex is made from sap collected from the Rubber Tree. It is then foamed and poured into a mold before being vulcanized. The result is a springy, denser foam compared to other latex foam on the market. No chemicals or fillers are used, making this fill an environmentally friendly choice.



*WARNING*  Due to the heavy weight of the latex fill, all 100% Natural Latex Fill bean bag chairs are final sale.





Optional Embroidery is available in these fonts:



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    Customer Reviews

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    Shane Paulson
    Seems to be good Quality

    This is definitely a much better bean bag than you'd typically buy from the store. Strong and natural material, good stitching, etc. I'm only giving it 4 stars because it was so expensive - it took me 3 years to finally buy one for my 10 year old who kept asking for one - I didn't want to get a cheap one that would burst open in a year and off gas from the vinyl and cheap fill. However, the price on these were so high, I also could hardly feel good about getting a better quality one. Since my daughter was persistent in her desire, I finally bit the bullet. I'm happy with the quality. I did go the extra mile and get the organic - I'm a farmer and am full aware that cotton receives the highest levels of pesticide and herbicide use in agriculture and its bleaching and dying process is very toxic as well. If your going to spend the money for this, spend the bit extra to go organic. I am grateful I could find this.