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Kapok Sleep Pillows with 100% Organic Cotton Fabric - Plant Based Vegan


  • Bean Products Kapok Pillow - 100% Organic Cotton Exterior Fabric stuffed with 100% Kapok Fiber.
  • Our Natural Organic Kapok Fiber filled pillow is soft like down yet firm enough to not bottom out - providing great head and neck support and unparalleled comfort.
  • Kapok is an exceptionally silky lightweight down-like fluffy fiber from the seed pods of the Great Kapok trees of tropical rainforests - Responsibly harvested for a sustainable supply.  Vegan. Bird free. Chemical Free.
  • Protect your health, home and planet with our non-toxic petroleum free, cruelty free natural kapok fiber filled sleep and/or cervical neck roll pillows.
  • Bean Products Sleep Pillows are available in several choices of sizes and fills - Cotton and Organic Cotton Fabric are used to make organic Buckwheat, Millet, Latex and MultiGrain filled pillows.
Raising and harvesting kapok has the lowest environmental impact compared to any other fiber materials in use today, including plastic and cotton except for perhaps hemp. The trees are not cut down and do not require irrigation or any chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Not only is the kapok tree an important part of rainforest ecology, but it also plays a pivotal role in forest preservation efforts.

The emerging industry is beginning to stimulate local economies improving the lives of women and their families in rural areas (helping to stem migration to more densely populated urban areas).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best pillows I've ever owned

These are hands down the best pillows my head has laid on. I learned about kapok pillow filling and thought I should try it out. Needless to say, I'm pleasantly surprised about the feel and quality of these pillows. I've slept on them now for a few weeks and initially when I rest my head they feel a little more voluminous than I would prefer but they mold within 30 seconds to the perfect fit. I am a side sleeper and these pillows provide great support. If you're tempted to take some of the filling out on the first try, give it another night! Sweet dreams!

Kathy Cockroft

The pillows are great

Casey L.
Dreamy Pillow

This pillow is exactly what I wanted. I like a full pillow that squishes down well and this does exactly that. It's really easy to fluff back up and move the filling around to where you want it too. I haven't needed to wash the liner but I love that I can take out the filling and do so when I need to. I highly recommend it! If you like super firm pillows I find you odd, but I'd say pick a different pillow in that case or purchase extra filling.

Michelle Gresham
Very comfortable and supportive

I love these pillows!! They are the impitmy of soft and supportive. I got the body pillow and my senior dog will seek out that pillow on my bed out of all my pillows from tempurpedic to down...he loves it so much, I am getting him his own shorter version haha and I want pillows for my couch and bed in this stuff!! I have neck and back issues and these pillows are amazing...and I've tried so many expensive pillows for relief..these are amazing!! I use them for sleep, lounging and at my desk for added support.


i love the purity of these pillows! the cotton is super-soft, they don’t smell funny, they are adjustable, a whole array of sizes... i now have 3 bean kapok pillows and i’m pretty sure i need at least one more. it’s hard to find the perfect eco-friendly pillow, but these are the closest i have come.