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MultiGrain Pillow - Organic - WheatDreamz

Pillow Cover

WheatDreamz Organic Multi-grain Pillows comfortably conform to your unique head and neck contours.  Finally experience proper neck support to reduce tension, headaches, neck pain, sweating, snoring and ear pain for side sleepers and your PROPER CERVICAL CURVE for back sleepers.  Side sleepers can create their personal neck and head support for perfect parallel spine alignment and dig a hole for your ear for zero pressure. Chose Wheat Dreamz for therapeutic sleep comfort.

  • BUCKWHEAT AND MILLET HULL PILLOW reduces heat build-up and allow cooling air circulation keeping you comfortable all night long. Buckwheat hulls are firmer and lock together to stay in place while Millet hulls are much softer, quieter and more easily shaped. Both natural organic grain hull fillings can provide healthy therapeutic head and neck positioning and are Vegan cruelty and chemical free. Can’t decide … try the MULTI-GRAIN dual sided BUCKWHEAT and MILLET pillow …really unique and special which is why this dreamy pillow is named Wheat Dreamz!
  • BUCKWHEAT or Millet hulls make for a great therapeutic pillow by themselves but consider a reversible Multi-Grain Combo with Millet Hulls for the Top section and Buckwheat hulls for the Bottom foundation for a unique fully reversible pillow ...pick your side, choose your grain. Millet is softer, lighter and more movable i.e. shape-able and great by itself or with the firm Buckwheat hull Multi-grain option.  Only WheatDreamz has this.
  • SOFT, PURE ORGANIC COTTON fabric shell features a hidden zippered opening for complete adjust-ability and long life as it is refillable. For a lower priced option, just choose conventional cotton.
  • OUR ORGANIC MILLET AND BUCKWHEAT HULLS are grown and triple screened right here in the USA. Pillows are handcrafted by Bean Products in Chicago, USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sound sleep

I replaced my 15 plus year Buckwheat pillow with the Multi Grain Millet/Buckwheat pillow and I love it!
From the first night I have slept sound and comfortable.. I’ve always preferred a firmer pillow and this one is perfect

Restful sleep

Really enjoying my new pillow. The two different materials makes for some nice variety.

Incredible combination

This pillow is an incredible combination. The benefit of the firm support of buckwheat and the softness of millet. Worth every penny and every pound it is a little heavy but worth it. Great nights sleep.

Incredible pillow

I tried out the double fill pillows because regular ones weren't very comfortable and get very hot at night. I also needed to use a knee pillow every night for hip or back pain. These pillows run cool and since I've started using them I don't find the need to use the knee pillow as much. I can carve out a hollow in the pillow which fits my head. The pillow also smells of grain for the first few days which made me hungry until the smell went away.

Excellent pillow

I am very picky about my pillows and I really like this one! The grains do make noise when you move your head but it is minimal and you it doesn’t disrupt my sleep. My neck and shoulders feel so much better after using this pillow for a week. I would suggest selecting a smaller size vs a larger one. We have the Japanese size and the queen and I prefer the Japanese size because it keeps the grains together in a more compact space. With the larger pillows the grain gets displaced more and I wish I would have gotten the standard size instead. So it stays more dense. Otherwise I love this pillow!!